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asort: a pedestrian alphanumeric string sorter

version (11.2 KB) by us
numerically sorts an array or cell array of strings.

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Updated 13 Dec 2006

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ASORT sorts an array or cell array of alphanumeric strings numerically rather than in ascii dictionary order

strings are divided into three different categories, which are returned in separate cells

- numerically sorted strings that contain only one readable number
- ascii dictionary order sorted strings that contain more than one readable or invalid numbers
- ascii dictionary order sorted strings that contain no numbers

> help asort
for explanations and options

this sorter can be used, for instance, to sort files with numerical extensions, eg,


look at the accompanying published m-file for a few examples

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us (2020). asort: a pedestrian alphanumeric string sorter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

Jonathan Young

Works well. Thank you.

urs (us) schwarz

due to a severe misunderstanding, a premature version was posted! i sincerely apologize. the ver tag must be 21-Mar-2005 17:33:11


a previous revision 12/12/05 apparently never made it online (thanks to tom muylle for stumbling onto this omission!); the resubmission has the ver tag 13-Dec-2006 18:29:17

although the history reflects the update, the zip file is still not correct?! version tag 25-Nov-2005 20:46:56

version tag 25-Nov-2005 20:46:56

the struct now returns index lists for each type of sorted input: anr/aix, srn/six, str/tix, such that anr=INP(aix), snr=INP(six), str=INP(tix); version tag 25-Nov-2005 14:16:47

check anomalous cases; ver tag is 30-Mar-2005 11:57:07

added more user requested options; ver tag is 28-Mar-2005 17:41:59

added options to remove spaces and/or string-templates prior to processing; ver tag is 26-Mar-2005 17:54:54

user requested option and another input error check

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Created with R14SP1
Compatible with any release
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