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version 6.2 (2.89 MB) by Luca Della Santina
Free-form cutter for volumetric images


Updated 17 Apr 2021

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VolumeCut allows you to cut an image volume along surfaces of arbitrary shape.

Surfaces are defined by interpolation of sets of coordinates (X,Y,Z) provided by the user as a Matlab marix [n x 3].

Features of this app include:
+ Support for input image format: 8-bit 3D TIFF
+ Automatic voxel calibration when images are saved with ImageJ / FIJI
+ Custom offset can be defined for each surface
+ Custom smoothness level of interpolated surface
+ 4 different cut modes allowing to provide up to three cutting surfaces
+ Volume visualization using Matlab's 3D volume renderer
+ Save cut image volumes with black voxels in the cut region
+ Save masks used to cut the image stack
+ Mathematical operations on 3D masks: unite, intersect, exclude, subtract, invert, find edges, fill holes, close
+ Display and manipulate digital skeletons created with ImageJ's Simple Neurite Tracer

To download the latest version and for more information, visit:

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Luca Della Santina (2021). VolumeCut (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Created with R2021a
Compatible with R2021a and later releases
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Windows macOS Linux

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