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Simulink Onramp

version 1.0 (9.63 MB) by MathWorks Simulink Team
Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate Simulink models through an interactive tutorial.


Updated 16 Oct 2018

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Get started quickly with the basics of Simulink with this self-paced, interactive tutorial that includes video tutorials and hands-on exercises with automated assessments and feedback.
How to get started:
1. If you are using the latest version of Simulink, you do not need to download and install this toolbox.
If you are using R2018b, download and install this toolbox.
2. Launch MATLAB and open Simulink.
3. Select Simulink Onramp from the Start Page.

If you are using R2018a or earlier:
Download the latest version of Simulink if you already have a license
Get a free trial

Who is this training for?
Students, engineers, and scientists who are familiar with dynamic systems, but not Simulink.

What will you learn?
After completing Simulink Onramp, you will be able to create, modify, and troubleshoot Simulink models that simulate dynamic systems and perform basic signal analysis.

What are the prerequisites?
A fundamental understanding of MATLAB and dynamic systems is required. You can get started with MATLAB with a free tutorial MATLAB Onramp:

How long is Simulink Onramp?
It should take about 3 hours to complete Simulink Onramp. Your progress is saved if you exit the application, so you can complete it in multiple sessions.

What is covered in Simulink Onramp?
1. Course Overview: Running Simulations
2. Simulink Graphical Environment: Learn about Simulink blocks and signals
3. Inspecting Signals: Visualize signal values during simulation
4. Basic Algorithms: Use math and logic operators to write algorithms
5. Obtaining Help: Access documentation from Simulink
6. Project - Automotive Performance Modes: Practice working with math and logic operators
7. Simulink and MATLAB: Use MATLAB variables and functions in Simulink
8. Dynamic systems in Simulink: Review dynamic systems and learn how they relate to Simulink
9. Discrete systems: Model discrete-time systems
10. Continuous systems: Model continuous-time systems
11. Simulation Time: Choose the simulation duration
12. Project - Modeling a Thermostat: Practice your understanding of discrete dynamic systems
13. Project - Peregrine Falcon Dive: Practice your understanding of continuous dynamic systems
14. Conclusion: Learn about next steps and give feedback on the course

How do you view and share progress through Simulink Onramp?
You can view, print, and share your progress with others on the MATLAB Courses dashboard page:

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Comments and Ratings (103)

hythm saad khalifa

Kate Froling

theres no submit button when doing the course. stuck at 5% completion because I can't complete task 1.1 to move onto 1.2

李闯 李

simulink onramp cannot look

Alexander Hupfer

I have this problem:

Error using matlab.addons.enableAddon
Error: File: enableAddon.m Line: 30 Column: 12
Arguments to IMPORT must either end with ".*" or else specify a fully qualified class
name: "com.mathworks.addon_enable_disable_management.AddonEnableDisableManager" fails
this test.

Can anybody help?

Ansh Shah

I am working on simulink onramp R2020a. I am not able to move ahead 12.1 task 5.Please help

vidhiben shah

i have 219a Matlab i want to start this course to learn, if i am trying 2020 version it is crashing my laptop, how can i learn on 2019a version

Yaseer Rafat

it take very long time to start, it seems like stuck at one place.

Mike Crabtree

Neither toolbox nor zip download option contains installation file. How do I install?


Simulink Onramp 9.1 Discrete System, Task 3
"Use x_k and x_kminus1 for x[k] and x[k−1], respectively."
x_k and x_kminus1 does not work...

Kiran Singh

for 1.2 Running Simulations, I cannot locate the task pane of the Simulink Editor.

Djordje Kokotovic

Same here, opens to a blank screen and doesnt let me to anything, ver2019a

Rafael Cordero

Opens to a blank screen and doesnt let me to anything.

Kostandin Golemi

How I will download my Simulink Onramp certificate?


How I will download my Simulink Onramp certificate?

Mahesh Masurkar

Need help on installation. How to do it?

Jaime Bermejo

Please, issue at Simulink Onramp 9.1 Discrete System, Task 3.


I download the simulink onramp,but it can't run on my matlab R2018b after installation.

Jin Young Heo

When I click on 'Simulink Onramp', it gives me a page saying "Page not found".
Can anyone help?

Xingyu Lu

Hicham Mouadili

i'm workin on my desktop pc and i can't get my certificate after completing the course. is it because i'm using a trial version of matlab 2019b?

Purushothaman K

Nachiket Dighe

I am not able to access Onramp through SIMULINK start page

John Hanson

I am unable to move past the first exercise. It simply will not allow me to move on after I hit submit.

Yan Ding

9.1 Discrete System (1/4)Practice Task 3 problem. I found what is my mistake. I should put in the Unit Delay not Delay( I change the Delay length to 1 and got z-1 ). Hope it helps because I found other people also have the same problem.

Mo Alsaleh



I'm stuck at 9.1 Discrete System (1/4)Practice Task 3 where even though copying the exact solution given the model assessment block denies it's conformity. Please resolve the issue

sung kim

Hadi Zyien

Denise Tarbox

Philip Hackett

The 'Training - Tasks' pane is incredibly slow to load the content and fails to load the images.


Divyang Thakkar

swapnil jain

I have 100% completed SimulinkOnramp but it got stuck at 91% even after submitting answers in the survey.

Klaas Albers

I get an Error in the second task in the Project "Peregrine Falcon Dive" which states the following:
Error evaluating 'StopFcn' callback of block_diagram 'Simulink_Onramp'.
Callback string is 'save_system(gcs);learning.simulink.refreshSignalWindows'
Caused by:
Index exceeds array bounds.
I have no clue what to do about it. I´m using Matlab/Simulink R2018b with a campus wide license of my University

Yusuf Yazir

Would be releasing mine soon :) Thanks


good, Very valuable, nicely organized and presented. Thank you!

Jose Thomas

Can you provide us the link to view Simulink onramp video's. I got 2017.


Very valuable, nicely organized and presented. Thank you!

Sercan Egilmezkol

ruiqi wang

Mathias Baumgartner

Ayodeji Rotibi

Radheyshyam jangid

Aniket Bende

I have MATLAB R(2015)a, will Onramp work in this version ?

Alisha Schor

Gergana, Lorenzo and others: if you are experiencing issues with the course, please contact Customer Support, and include screenshots where applicable:

Simulink Onramp is currently only supported for R2018b. If you are using R2018b but are still experiencing issues installing, please refer to this page for more detail:

Gergana Hristova

My solution on 9.1 Task 3 is exactly the same as the one provided, yet the system does not accept them as properly named. Any suggestions about what I might be overlooking?

Lorenzo Pinter

12.5 does not work properly

Takahiro Nishida

James Kincaid

running 2018b but there is no onramp

Harshal Tirse

It can be support on R2018a or not?

Pramod Deshmukh

Jimin Hwang

I've complete this, but somehow my progress keeps indicate '40% complete' can you please fix it?


I can't complete with Task3 in Peregrine Falcon Drive. I write the right solution but the result is error Why?

What happens with Task5 in Peregrine Falcon Drive?I give the right solution but i take error.Why?

Siddhant Shenoy

saeid zendegan

I am having error in the 9.1 Discrete Systems, who can help me?i am exactly giving the solution to the simulink but it does not give me the "next task " bottom.i have also made an screenshot from it, but i do not know how to upload it.

Sergey Royz

How to launch the course? R2018b

Andrea Corti

Does it work with R2017b?


Unfortunately the videos do not work.

Pritesh Shah

I am not able to see interaction takes place in Simulink. Please suggest.(Using 2018b version)

Yizhou Du

Is it support Matlab 2014?

Dimitrios Arapis

Really great content for beginners. Really useful for my studies. I have a problem though, it is stuck at 91% even after submitting the answers for the survey. Thanks

Yogesh Kumar Mangal

Is it support of MATLAB r2016a

Nabeel Muhamed

I have completed the course 100%, yet the progress appears as 62% only. Kindly support.

Hemanth chintalapudi

peng yin

why don't support 2018a?

Aayush Singhal

I got it right in the first attempt!

Joachim Biller

Lai Wei

I have the simulink onramp on the start page. However, when I open it, it showed that 'Oops. We do not appear to have that course.Browse other courses'. What's wrong with it? I'm a student and I have Matlab 2018b.


Ömer Demirci

Enrico Hauser

Irshad Skp

Thank you for the request, Anne. Unfortunately, the video player that we are using for Simulink Onramp does not support closed captioning, but we are working on updating this in a future version.

Anne Titcombe

It should be more accessible to deaf people. All the audio and no subtitle videos are difficult.

Dirk Rittau

Very good made tutorial. It starts with the bacis and finishing with some good practial topics.

Ryan Mraz

I have downloaded and installed the toolbox however I can't access the course. It doesn't appear on Simulink when I open it.

Rahul Sharma

amr adel

Daniele Cini

Just installed Simulink Onramp but it doesn't appear in the Start Page, tried to close and re-open several times, is anyone in the same situation?

Naga Duvvuri

using Matlab 2018b free trial version and simulink link given here is 2017 version, i followed the steps given, however unable to access the simulink onramp. Can someone help. Thanks

Atul Suri

Here is a MATLAB Answers post on how to install and launch Simulink Onramp:

Note that this only works with R2018b version of Simulink and you will only see the Learn section and Simulink Onramp on the Simulink Start Page in R2018b version.

xiao yang

Can I sue this toolbox for R2018b in Simulink R2018a?

Baladitya Vempati

Mudassar Rauf

@atul Suri, i can see and run the simulink start page but there is no simulink on-ramp tool in startpage

Yogendra Bijwe

I have downloaded MATLAB R2018b and installed Simulink. When I click on Simulink button in MATLAB I don't see any option for training or On-ramp tool to proceed. Please do help. (I see Simulink start page)

Atul Suri

@Mudassar Rauf, you can click on the Simulink button on the MATLAB Toolstrip or type simulink at the command window to launch the Simulink start page.

Mudassar Rauf

it got installed but I am unable to find it in the simulink start page. what should i do ?

Alisha Schor

Hi Giti, please use the same email address or user ID that you used to log in to File Exchange. No need to create an additional ID.

mahamadyashin shaikh

Found the solution. 1
1) Download SimulinkOnramp.mltbx from Download button on the top right-hand side of this page.
2)Then goto matlab.
3) Then click on Add on on tool strip.
4) then look for the simulink on ramp tile & click on it.
5) then install the tool box.
6)open the simulink from matlab & there on the left bottom corner you have simulink onramp. Enjoy learning!

mahamadyashin shaikh

i downloaded toolbox, the file is name as siulinkonamp.mltbx but not able to install it. help.

Giti Karimi

After installing R2018b I can see the 'Simulink Onramp', however when I clicked on that, I was asked to sign in, when I did it then it asked for creating a 'user ID', I did but it did not proceed and did not accept my user ID despite it was more than 6 character and included numbers?!

Vitul Bansal

Steps to get started:
1. Download the toolbox(not ZIP) from Download button on the top right-hand side of this page.
2. Open MATLAB and change the directory to the folder where u downloaded the file SimulinkOnramp.mltbx.
3. Run this file SimulinkOnramp.mltbx and install it.
4. Now open Simulink by typing Simulink command in the command window.
5. On the buttom left side of the start page, you will find the 'Simulink Onramp', below the recently open Simulink models and projects.
Now you are good to go.
Enjoy the Course

Qian Chen

I closed the Matlab and restarted it, now I can see the Simulink Onramp, thank you so much!

Michael Carone

After installing Simulink Onramp, it will be shown on the bottom left of the Simulink Start page, below your most recently opened Simulink models and projects.

Qian Chen

I'm using R2018b, after installed Simulink Onramp, can't find Simulink Onramp in the Simulink start page, anyone can help me?



Looks good. There may be a problem with some of the images that appear in the Simulink "Training -Tasks" tab. For example in the further practice section on task 2.1 Blocks and Parameters, the box that says "Complete!" has an image box but only a ? in a blue box appears rather than an image. Might just be my PC though.


Note that Simulink Onramp requires R2018b.

Nicolas Junco

very THNX!

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