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version 1.0.0 (1.99 KB) by Paul Shoemaker
Scans folders for Matlab files that have MLINT errors and warnings

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Updated 22 Jul 2018

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% SCAN4ERRORS searches the current directory (recursively) for Matlab .m files with code errors/warnings (mlint)
% errors = scan4errors(files) searches the FILES structure created by a "dir" command and returns all detected errors. Warnings are ignored. If not
% provided (or empty), FILES will use the current working directory. By default, only errors (i.e. red MLINT) will be returned in the ERRORS structure.
% errors = scan4errors(files,severity) allows the user to define the severity of errors and warnings that are returned. The default is "errors" meaning
% that only error messages will be returned (i.e. red MLINT). "Severe" may be used to return both errors and severe warnings, and "all" will return
% all errors and warnings. Argument is case-insensitive.

% License to use and modify this code is granted freely to all interested,
% as long as the original author is referenced and attributed as such. The
% original author maintains the right to be solely associated with this
% work.
% Programmed and Copyright by Paul Shoemaker:
% Change Log
% - Revision 1.0 (21 Jul 2018): Initial release

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Paul Shoemaker (2020). scan4errors (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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