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Convert numbers to currency arrays

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Updated 21 Jul 2018

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% Converts numbers to currency unit character arrays
% NUM2CASH(AMOUNT) will convert the numeric AMOUNT (array or scalar) into a
% string with dollars and commas (e.g. AMOUNT=2500 is returned as $2,500.00).
% The formatting of the returned values can be configured using various
% NAME-VALUE pairs, as described below.
% - 'showDecimals' : Boolean flag that determinesif fractional values
% will be shown or if they'll be ROUNDED to the nearest
% whole currency unit. If set to TRUE then two decimal
% places will be shown for all values, including
% integer values. TRUE by default.
% - 'showParens' : Many accounting methods use parentheses to denote
% negative currency quantities. This boolean flag
% determines whether parentheses are used to denote
% negative values (e.g. negative $13 shown as ($13))
% or if a negative sign is used (e.g. negative $13
% shown as -$13). TRUE by default.
% - 'showSymbol' : Some users may just want to see numbers with comma
% separators and decimals without currency units. This
% boolean flag allows the user to turn currency unit
% display on or off. TRUE (on) by default.
% - 'currencySymbol': The user can specify any currency symbol, such as
% dollars ('$'), Euros (char(8364)), Yen or Yuan (char(165)),
% or British Pounds (char(163), as examples. Default
% value is dollars ('$').
% Example(s):
% numValues = [pi/8 pi -pi 10000*pi];
% strValues = num2cash(numValues,'showDecimals',true);

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Thanks, Stephen. I will look into both of those and test them out. I am always on the hunt for faster execution.

Kind regards.

@Paul Shoemaker: neat idea, with lots of options. You might be interested in checking out these submissions too:



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