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Apply rCAR

version 2.0.0 (2 MB) by Giorgio Fuggetta
A statistically robust EEG re-referencing procedure to mitigate reference effect


Updated 24 Aug 2018

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This MATLAB's script by Dr Phil A. Duke, Dr Giorgio Fuggetta, and Dr Kyle Q. Lepage, performs re-referencing using the robust Common Average Reference (rCAR) procedure put forward by Lepage, Kramer and Chu (2014) to EEG data in different formats. These EEG formats are: Brain vision Analyser (BVA); Neuroscan continuous (CNT); Neuroscan CURRY 6, 7, 8; European Data Format (EDF); BioSemi format (BDF); EEGLAB (*.set).

Reference: K. Q. Lepage, M. A. Kramer, C. J. Chu (2014) A Statistically Robust EEG Re-referencing Procedure to Mitigate Reference Effect, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 235 101-116. Click on "Learn More" to download Apply rCAR.

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Giorgio Fuggetta (2020). Apply rCAR (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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The rCAR procedure can now be applied to EEG data in the following EEG formats: Brain vision Analyzer (*.eeg), Neuroscan (*.cnt), Compumedics Neuroscan Curry, 6, 7, 8 (*.cdt), European Data Format (*.edf), BioSemi (*.bdf), and EEGLAB (*.set).

Authors: Dr Phil A. Duke, Dr Giorgio Fuggetta, and Dr Kyle Q. Lepage.

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