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Simulink Lessons and Examples for BBC Micro:bit

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Teaching materials and examples for the Micro:bit


Updated 04 Nov 2017

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These are the teaching materials and 9 examples developed in the "Building Systems with Simulink & Micro:bit": "The Micro::bit Elements", co-authored by Dr. Venus Bailey and Clifford French.
In these lessons of the Simulink and MATLAB journey, we will learn the basic elements in a system via
practical exercises. We will start with some very simple models, slowly progressing to
building more complicated systems as we incorporate different logics, system concepts and
controls in our models. We will gradually include more elements in our models. The visual
nature of Simulink and the simple micro:bit API means that we can progress to build
complicated applications quickly and focus on learning and developing more complicated

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Go to the following page to download the Simulink Coder Support Package for BBC micro:bit Board:

In R2017b, it provides support to accelerometer, magnetometer, radio, LEDs, buttons and allows one-click code generation and execution on the micro:bit board with signal logging and parameter tuning from Simulink.



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