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RaspberryPi + MATLAB based 3D Scanner

version (35.6 KB) by Siddharth Vaghela
A Simple Single Camera 3D scanner using a line LASER


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This project implements a simple 3D scanner using the Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera and a line LASER. The algorithm is still a work in progress but gives a decent scan output. I am still working on getting the correct conversion formula from pixels to world coordinates.
I will be uploading the article detailing the project within a few days.

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Siddharth Vaghela (2021). RaspberryPi + MATLAB based 3D Scanner (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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why is not stepper motor rotating?can you tell me the reason,,please?

Mahmoud Safian

Chirag Bhuva

Hi Siddharth,
I am Chirag. I just want to know about Angle between laser line and camera view. Can you tell me how can I find out accurate Angle? In that case, 3d reconstruction is fully dependent on that Angle. Is there any method for finding it? If you shed some light on the same then it would be great for me.
Chirag Bhuva

Vishal Kumar

its showing error
"Error using pcwrite "

the value of ptCloud is invalid

and others errors too

L am using raspberry pi 3 and set the laser to GPIO 27 because GPIO 4 showing error in my case

can you help me to resolve this error

Umberto Pirrello

It works....

abdulaziz Khamis

Please I need the user manual of this program.

Thank you...

Duy Tan

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