A MATLAB Package for the Numerical Analysis of Ecological Motifs
Updated Thu, 29 Apr 2021 09:50:04 +0000

Mathematical analysis software for microbial interactions

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Matthew Wade (2024). MI-SIM/MI_SIM_final (https://github.com/MI-SIM/MI_SIM_final), GitHub. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Version Published Release Notes

Fixed minor bugs. Included selection of units option.

Bug fixes.
Created generic version of Phase Portrait algorithm.

Version 2.0 includes a thermodynamic calculator to be used with syntrophic and three-species growth functions. It enables thermodynamic inhibition to be included instead of classical kinetics based inhibition functions.

Added Contois, Moser, Tessier and Andrews growth functions and redeveloped associated code (for extracting Mupad solutions).
Updated screenshot

Complete recoding of the reporting function using append_pdfs functionality: http://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/31215-append-pdfs
Added archiving and delete reports functions

Fixed minor bugs.
Included functionality for integration of growth functions into GUI.
Included functionality for start-up of GUI with user-specified motif and growth function.

Changed title to "MI-SIM"

To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.