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two-fom CLANS

version (8.69 KB) by Marko Neitola
Optimize DSM noise transfer function by the stable input level and the number of quantizer levels.


Updated 15 Feb 2016

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Modified version of CLANS in Schreier's Delta Sigma Toolbox. The NTF is optimized to a certain maximum stable input level A and to a number of quantization levels NLEV.
Method is based on finding fixed NTF figures-of-merit hQ and Hinf, where
hQ = ||h(n)||_1 - 1 and
Hinf = norm(H(z),inf)
This optimization function is further documented in:
Neitola, M. (2016) Lee's Rule Extended. Submitted to TCAS2 Feb 12th 2016.

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Neitola, M. (2016) Lee's Rule Extended
This paper appears in: IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems--II: Express Briefs
Print ISSN: 1549-7747
Online ISSN: 1558-3791
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/TCSII.2016.2572219

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Inspired by: Delta Sigma Toolbox