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version (9.83 KB) by Giuseppe Ridinò
A small Simulink library with general helpful blocks.


Updated 23 Jul 2004

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This library contains (actually) two blocks:

1. Real-time Synchronization, allows a simulation to run at real-time;
2. waitbar, shows a waitbar dialog to display the simulation processing;

Help files are embedded in each block.

In the future more blocks may be added.

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Giuseppe Ridinò (2020). libsimtools (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Nice waitbar. Thanks a lot.
I had to add a "Data Type Conversion" Block between the "update" block and "and" block in the "update_cmd" path of the "waitbar" block. After that it run with MATLAB R2012a.
I also added some modifications to the "waitbar/waitbar call": "eval(['tagstr = ''LibSimTools/waitbar''; namestr = [''' Model ' running... '' sprintf(''\ntime=%3.3f s (%02.0f %%)'',u(2), u(1)*100)]; titlestr = [''' Model ' running... '' sprintf(''(%02.0f %%)'',u(1)*100)]; global waitbar_handle; if (u(2)==0),try,delete(waitbar_handle),0;,end,end, if isempty(waitbar_handle), create=1; elseif ~ishandle(waitbar_handle), create=1; else create=0; end, if create, waitbar_handle=waitbar(u(1),titlestr,''Tag'',tagstr,''DefaultTextInterpreter'',''none''); else, try, waitbar(u(1),waitbar_handle,namestr),catch,waitbar_handle=[];end;end,try,set(waitbar_handle,''Name'',titlestr); if u(1)>=(1-eps), waitbar(1,waitbar_handle,''Finished''), end,end'])"


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