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Quiver plot with filled triangles head


Updated 25 Apr 2016

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Plot velocity vector fields with filled arrow head.
This function is not optimized for speed. Do not use in loops
%QUIVER_TRI Quiver plot with filled triangles
% QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v) plots velocity vectors with filled triangle arrows.
% Contrary to QUIVER, QUIVER_TRI does not scale vectors before plotting
% them. Vectors will be plotted with the same spacing and magnitude as
% they are provided. Default head arrow size is 20% of the median
% magnitude and default head angle is 22.5 degrees.
% QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v,headsize) plots velocity vectors specifying the
% headsize (same units as u and v).
% QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v,headsize,headangle) plots velocity vectors
% specifying the head size (same units as u and v) and the head angle
% amplitude (in degrees).
% QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v,headsize,headangle,width) same as before, plus
% setting of the quiver body width
% QUIVER_TRI(x,y,u,v,headsize,headangle,width,col) same as before, plus
% setting of the color
% See also QUIVER.

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Alessandro Masullo (2020). quiver_tri(x,y,u,v,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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@Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen
You can remove the NaN elements from your array before calling the function and an empty spot should be left where a NaN is

I guess it doesn't work with NaN values?


@khalid Elserfy
the only thing that I can think of is that you're using the function with the wrong number of arguments. How are you calling the function?

khalid Elserfy

i tried using the function

but i got that error message :
Undefined function or variable 'triA'.
Error in quiver_tri (line 66)
triA = triA/180*pi;

do you know whats that issue?

Emmanuel Emmanuel

Thank you for this.
I have a question, how can the length of the arrow be either increase or reduce?

Chaorong Zhong

Easy and useful arrows fuction.

Anton Semechko

Good alternative to built-in 'quiver' function. Using arrow heads of fixed size makes visualization of vector fields much nicer.

Anton Semechko

Bijay Guha

Thank you..How can I skip data points in this plot?

Alessandro Masullo

Thank you for the suggestion, I updated the code.

Jeison Sosa

Hi there thanks for the function very useful! Just one comment on line 96 please change by
plot([x(:)'; Ct(:,1)'],[y(:)'; Ct(:,2)'],'-','linewidth',width,'color',col);

Sometimes the Color is given by a vector and not only by single letters (e.g. 'k', 'r', 'b', ...)

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Compatible with any release
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