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Use this small app to model simple lens setups.


Updated 10 Feb 2017

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This is a small GUI for interactively modelling simple lens arrangements. Collimated and diverging rays are propagated through the lens system, where thin lenses are assumed throughout. If an real image is formed, its position and magnification are noted. An arbitrary number of lenses are supported, and may be added or removed interactively.
Click and drag to change lens focal lengths and positions.
Click the upper labels to manually alter distances, click the lower labels to manually alter focal lengths.

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Chris Deep

john linden

Is it possible /Can you add an option to specific the width of the input collumated beam?


Great. Thank you.


The off-screen issue should be fixed now!

Hi. Looks like a great app but I can't get it to run on my version of Matlab 2016b. TOnly the bottom half of the lenslab startup window appears at the top of my screen and can't be accessed. Any idea how I can rectify this? Thanks



Fixed hard figure size, and Matlab version checking

Fixed plotting bug with 2016b

Added clickable labels.

Added distance display

Removed bug where all lenses could be deleted.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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