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Processing a Radar Datacube

version (6.76 KB) by Mike Donovan
Perform Beamforming, Pulse Compression and Doppler Processing on radar data


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This program processes a radar datacube using functions from Phased Array
System Toolbox. The program first creates a radar datacube for a single
target at 20 km distance, 30 degree azimuth and 150 m/sec velocity. The
program then performs beamforming, matched filtering and Doppler
Processing to determine the target's distance and velocity.

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Mike Donovan (2021). Processing a Radar Datacube (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Chaitanya Patil

With reference to my previous comment, I think I have figured out why. The error in the range-doppler plot is because the radar model only estimates the radial velocity of the target. So only that motion which is along the angle the target subtends at the radar results in an accurate estimate of the velocity in the range-doppler plot.

Chaitanya Patil

In this code, if you change tgtvel=[75*sqrt(3);75;0]; to tgtvel=[200,0,0], the resulting range-doppler plot shows a peak at an unexpected position. The range estimate is correct but the velocity estimate is off. Any idea why this happens?

Aimee Nogoy

Is it possible to use a MUSIC algorithm on a radar data cube (along the slow time dimension)?

Furkan Burak

Phased Array System Toolbox is not available now, for this reason this file is not working. How can i get this toolbox??

Bhawna kalra


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