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Execute cellfun on nested cell array

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Execute cellfun on nested cell array


Updated 21 Mar 2015

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I often find myself writing function like cellfun(@(cell1) cellfun(@(cell2), fun(cell2), cell1,'un',0), outcell,'un',0). This can be tedious and error prone. So I wrote this generale nested cell fun which allows you to apply a function to a nested cell. For example, mat is a 1x3 cell array. Each cell contains 2 cells, which contains a matrix of X datapoints. We want to calculate the mean of each matrix. We could call a double cellfun as the one before, or my function:
out=ncellfun(@mean, mat).

The number of levels is determined by the function (it stops until it finds a non-cell). You can specify your own value with a third argument=
out=ncellfun(@cell2mat, mat,1)
in this case the function will be applied to a cell. The third argument specify how many cellfun it needs to be used.
The function has not been written for being fast to run, but to be fast to write. It uses eval, so be warned.

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