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version 2.3 (43.4 MB) by Wolfgang Schwanghart
A MATLAB program for the analysis of digital elevation models


Updated 05 Sep 2018

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TopoToolbox provides a set of Matlab functions that support the analysis of relief and flow pathways in digital elevation models. The major aim of TopoToolbox is to offer helpful analytical GIS utilities in a non-GIS environment in order to support the simultaneous application of GIS-specific and other quantitative methods.
TopoToolbox enables calculation of standard terrain attributes such as
- slope
- curvature
- aspect
- local topography
- ...
flow related terrain attributes such as
- drainage basin delineation
- flow accumulation
- flow distance
- ...
stream network analysis such as
- stream order
- slope-area plots
- chiplots
Moreover, TopoToolbox contains several tools to modify stream networks in an automated way and derive swath profiles, among other tools. The algorithms are fast and can thus be used in spatially distributed, dynamic modelling approaches in hydrology, glaciology and geomorphology.

See for examples and instructions.

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I need your kind assistance please for my work in TopoToolBox-TTB: How to "isolate" an island or peninsula so the drainage and other calculations will not become crazy and go inside the sea ( or lakes). I guess with the NaN but that is very complex for me.

Please, mail me to

Absolutely fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to make this.

zh sg

kiran gk

How to use this tool box.. help me

Ganquan Mao

Chad Greene

These tools are fantastic. Thanks Wolfgang et al. for figuring out how to solve flow problems so efficiently. I also like the of display functions like imageschs which really add context to data.





Version update to 2.3 pre

updated description.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016a
Compatible with R2014b to any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: How to estimate subglacial water routes