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Wind rose as a scatter plot

version 4.1 (113 KB) by E. Cheynet
Plot a wind rose as a scatter plot


Updated 03 Mar 2019

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Plot a wind rose as a scatter plot with 2 or 3 variables to optimize the quantity of information that can be obtained on a single figure.
These 2 possibilities are here highlighted by examples:
- a wind rose with 3 variables, i.e. for example the wind direction, the wind speed and the turbulence intensity.
- a wind rose with 2 variables and multiple sensors.
The point is to plot a wind rose that shows complementary information to the one obtained with the classical wind roses.
Possible applications: Wind load on structures
Example of real wind data plotted with this wind rose are visible in [1,2]

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E. Cheynet (2019). Wind rose as a scatter plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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thanks ,i know ,you should let the larger sensors in the front.


very beautiful,How can i change wind speed magnitude in the figure.



Added the project website

Simplified implementation + inputparser included

MathWorks update: Added Live Script.

updated to R2014b

-tags updated

-Description updated

-label error corrected

- examples updated, and source code re-written

Included an Html example


- correction of a bug from previous update

- the radial label can not longer be hidden by the scatter plot
- example 1 updated

-title and description modification

description updated

- possibility to replace limits of variable #2 by an empty vector [].
- Third example introduced to plot a single wind rose from multiple sensors.


examples and specifications updated


- modification of the description

- new picture and correction of reference angle (aligned with North)

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