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Bilateral Filter

version (34.2 KB) by Suraj Kamya
Edge-preserving and noise-reducing smoothing filter for images.


Updated 12 May 2014

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This preserves sharp edges by systematically looping through each pixel and adjusting weights to the adjacent pixels accordingly.
% bif = bilateral filter
% im = input image
% sigd = domain parameter for spatial kernel
% sigr = range parmeter for intensity kernel
% n = noise intensity
% out = output image

% Code Developed BY : Suraj Kamya

% Other files used in this function
% rpadd = another function is used
% PSN = Peak Signal to noise ratio
% IEF = Image Enhancement Factor

% For ex.
% im=imread('bgray.jpg');
% out=bif(im,3,0.2,0.1);

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Suraj Kamya (2021). Bilateral Filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Suraj Kamya

Just apply this code to each channel of RGB image one by one.




hi nice job but i have one confusion may be i am wrong, when i apply this code to grayscale than result is good but color image result is also convert into grayscale why?
please help me

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