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Regression Utilities

version (13.7 KB) by Joe Henning
A variety of regression utilities


Updated 27 Mar 2019

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This zip file contains 11 functions related to regression. The functions are:

1) cookdist.m - Cook's distance for data points
2) dregr.m - Deming regression
3) irsvdregr.m - Iterative Reweighted Least Squares (IRLS) regression
4) ladratregr.m - Least Absolute Deviation (LAD) rational regression
5) ladregr.m - Least Absolute Deviation (LAD) regression
6) lregr.m - Linear regression
7) ratregr.m - Weighted least squares rational regression
8) ripley.m - Total Least Squares (TLS) linear polynomial using Ripley's algorithm
9) svdregr.m - Weighted least squares regression using singular value decomposition
10) totregr.m - Total Least Squares regression using the Delta Method
11) tsregr.m - Theil-Sen estimator

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jinpeng xing

Sergey Zabolotni


In this package, I especially like and use the total square regression and the LAD polynomial regression. A tweak I've added to my copy of LADREGR is "p = fliplr(p');" to bring the output p into alignment with Matlab's POLYVAL.


Added dregr.m, lregr.m, and tsregr.m

Added cookdist.m, ladratregr.m, and ratregr.m

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