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Plot mesh as animated interactive html

version (256 KB) by Benjamin I
Convert a matlab mesh to a transforming 3D figure on the web


Updated 06 Feb 2017

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This script allows a deforming mesh to be exported to the web. The code creates html files in a subfolder called htmlfigs that can be opened in a browser.
The mesh can be rotated and zoomed in the browser, and transforms between two sets of input vertices.
Example of the output:
(rotate the mesh to see if from a better angle)
See demo1.m and demo2.m to test it out.

This script creates html files that use the awesome x3dom library and require webgl. This is only supported by recent versions of chrome, firefox, opera and safari. IE does not support webgl.

Developed from:

Inspired by:

Let me know if you find any issues or have any ideas...

If you can't view the example then your system/drivers might not support WebGL. Please try this link to check that your system is supported and fix any configuration:

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Gerd Kunert

Works with Firefox 51 for me.

Benjamin I

Hi Gerd,

It needs a system that is capable of webgl (i.e. a fairly recent graphics card). Can you try this link and see if you can see a cube?

Otherwise you might need to update your drivers.

Webgl (and therefore this link) works on all modern web browsers.

Gerd Kunert

Did not work with Firefox 46.0.1 nor with IE 11.

Benjamin I

Thanks Sven and Scott. Useful comments. Will see what I can do about axes and octave compatibility.

Sven Koerner

Very cool work. It is possible to get axis in the diagram?

Wow this is awesome Benjamin. I just with I could get it to work with Octave.


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