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PicoScope 3000 Series (A API) - MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver

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MATLAB Instrument Driver for use with PicoScope 3000 series oscilloscopes (Beta release)



This MATLAB® Generic Instrument Driver allows you to acquire data from the PicoScope® 3000 Series High-Performance Oscilloscopes and control signal generator functionality. The data could be processed in MATLAB using functions from Toolboxes such as Signal Processing Toolbox.

Supported Models

The driver will work with the following PicoScope models:

* PicoScope 3203D
* PicoScope 3204A/B/D
* PicoScope 3205A/B/D
* PicoScope 3206A/B/D
* PicoScope 3207A/B
* PicoScope 3203D MSO
* PicoScope 3204 MSO/D MSO
* PicoScope 3205 MSO/D MSO
* PicoScope 3206 MSO/D MSO
* PicoScope 3403D
* PicoScope 3404A/B/D
* PicoScope 3405A/B/D
* PicoScope 3406A/B/D
* PicoScope 3403D MSO
* PicoScope 3404D MSO
* PicoScope 3405D MSO
* PicoScope 3406D MSO

Please note that the driver will not work with the PicoScope 3204, 3205, 3206, 3223, 3224, 3423, 3424 and 3425 oscilloscopes - examples for these devices are available from:

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Hello. I have been using a PicoScope 3207B since last year. It was not easy to use in Matlab at the first (only under Windows), but now it's getting easier (both Windows and Linux). Good job.


namita (view profile)

Hello, I am Namita. I working on a project that uses a Picoscope 3424. I looked into the Generic driver above(but it says that it doesn't work with picoscope 3424)I have been trying to find generic driver software to run with it,in order to interface it with Matlab but till now have had no success. Kindly help me out with this problem. Any help would be appreciated.


Updated description and Other Requirements.

Minor update to support model text.

Added displayOutput property

Updated description.

Migrated beta version files.

Moved files to GitHub

Added Beta package to support new PicoScope 3000 Series Oscilloscopes and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes.

Submitted as package.

- Fixed ps3000aSetBandwidthLimiter function.
- Added support for PicoScope 3207A/B on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections.
- Added support for 64-bit Linux.

Update to driver and improved block and rapid block examples. Added support for MATLAB 64-bit.

Updated to list PicoScope 3000 Series models supported.

Note regarding streaming mode capture added.

Updated devices that are not supported and note on the new PicoScope 320X MSO devices.

Update to title and description.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2017a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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