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version (5.06 KB) by Jesse Hopkins
Displays recent history of Matlab & Java memory usage.

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Updated 24 Aug 2015

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% memtracker
% Creates memtracker figure (docked by default)
% memtracker pause
% Pauses the memory tracker from updating
% memtracker resume
% Resumes memory tracker updating
% memtracker('SetUpdateRate',ur)
% Sets update rate to specified interval (seconds) (default: 0.5 sec)
% memtracker('SetBufferSize',size)
% Sets the buffer size to specified size (number of elements) (default: 500)
% memtracker('SetPlotProps', ... )
% Applies specified property/value pairs to the line objects
% memtracker('SetAxProps', ... )
% Applies specified property/value pairs to the axes objects
% memtracker('SetFigProps', ... )
% Applies specified property/value pairs to the figure
% memtracker dock
% Dock the memtracker figure
% memtracker undock
% Undock the memetracker figure
% Author: Jesse Hopkins
% Date: Oct. 25 2012

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Jesse Hopkins (2020). memtracker(varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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@John, thanks for pointing out. Just uploaded a new version with corrected help comments.

I see that in the help, in some places you are directed to use memmtracker, in others, memtracker.

Seems just a typo since there is no provided function named memmtracker.


Improved backward compatibility of YTickLabels for Matlab versions < R2014B

Fixed typo in help comments

Modified YTick Labels for compatibility with R2014B

Added button to run java garbage collector.

Added calls to mlock to prevent clearing of persistent variables.

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Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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