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version (1.39 KB) by Santosh Kasula
CALCULATESIZE calculates the size of a MATLAB file for use in the game Cody


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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CALCULATESIZE(FILENAME) determines the number of nodes in the parse tree associated with the file FILENAME for use in the game Cody. For more information on Cody, refer to

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Santosh Kasula (2021). Calculate size (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Shlomo Geva

Guillermo Moreno

Bárbara Menezes

tksss, very useful


Thank you,chris.
I thought the size of function has something to do with input arguments,I was wrong.
calculateSize(''myfile.m') is just ok.

chris clarhaut

I know this is almost a year later but I had the same problem as yao in that I had trouble getting this program running.
If you want to check the size of your file create a variable called fileName and assign the file you want to check like this
fileName = 'myfile.m'


Could you give an example to explain how to use this funtion?I have no idea how to deal with functions with input arguments.Always has errors.Thank you.


George Berken

function y = nearZero(x)
y = [];
w = [x(2) x x(end-1)];
for I = 2:(length(w)-1)
if ((w(I)~=0)&&((w(I-1)==0)||(w(I+1)==0)))
J = J + 1;
v(J) = w(I);
y = max(v');

Jeevan Thomas


Aurelien Queffurust

size of calculateSize.m is 21 ;)

One comment : I would not use the size variable as output of this function since size is a MATLAB function name .

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