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automatically finds an indexed series of files in a directory (e.g. img001.tif, img002.tif, etc.)


Updated 30 Nov 2011

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function [returnFileGroup] = findFileSeries(filePath, allowskiplength, inclSmallerNumbers)

% input is the filepath of one file in a series of files that have
% some numeric indexing in their filenames

% allowskiplength allows skipping of numbers in the index (default = 0 =>
% no skipping allowed, only an uninterrupted series of indixed filenames will be returned)

% inclSmallerNumbers: if false, we only look for filenames containing higher
% indices, if true, we also accept filenames with smaller indices than in filePath; default
% = false

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Georg D (2020). findFileSeries (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Georg D

it doesn't matter if the indices inside the filenames are zeropadded, as long as the padding length is consistent.


Should work on Macs now as well...

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