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a bit more convenient way to reposition fields in a structure


Updated 20 Jul 2011

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function [s] = repositionStructField(s,shiftfield,newpos)
%shiftfield can be fieldname (string) or current position index of field
%newpos can be either new position index of field, or the name of the field (as string) that is
%currently occupying the new position

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Georg D (2021). repositionStructField (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Georg D

i can change the field order in
s = struct('a',val1,'b',val2,'c',val3)
s = struct('a',val1,'c',val3,'b',val2)
s = repositionStructField(s,'c','b')
s = repositionStructField(s,3,2)

it just uses orderfields, but is sometimes a bit more convenient to shift positions of single fields...


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