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Command window text

version (1.7 KB) by Hugh Nolan
Copies all text in the command window into a cell array of strings.


Updated 19 May 2011

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This m-file allows you to export all text in the Command Window to a cell array of strings, each entry being a line of text from the window. The unparsed raw string is also available, if desired.

Operation is very simple - this file looks for the appropriate java object in the root window and gets text from it.

I was looking for a way to do this, particularly for error tracking in some software I maintain, and nobody seemed to have written up this method, so I present it here for you to use.

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Hugh Nolan (2020). Command window text (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Soren Preus


Yes, the com commands depend on the Matlab version. The posted code runs on 2009a.

Hugh Nolan

Thanks Jan - that didn't work exactly as written (version differences? I'm running R2007b) but gave me enough to work it out - updated and faster. Good work!


A short method without FINDJOBJ:
cmdDoc = com.mathworks.mde.cmdwin.cmdWinDocument.getInstance;
Str = cmdDoc.getText(1, cmdDoc.getLength);
CStr = regexp(Str, '\n', 'split');
The methods cmdWin.findStringInContent and cmdWin.findStringInContentBackwards can be helpful also to restrict the exported string.
Strange effects are possibe with the insertString method: You can modify former output!


Removed dependency on findjobj.m - thanks Jan

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