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RLE Run Length Encoding

version 1.2 (2.22 KB) by Said BOUREZG
RLE Run Length Encoding and Irle Inverse Run Length Encoding


Updated 22 Feb 2015

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Run Length Encoding, use it to compress a vector of values.
Inverse Run Length Encoding, use it to reconstruct a vector of values.
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Said BOUREZG (2020). RLE Run Length Encoding (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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i running this code but it's not function properly. what i supposed to do

thanks bro


Hi Loy Soo Ling
you see it as it work for one column because image after some operations it will be a vector that mean that we use it for the whole image.
Thank for your interesting

hello...can i noe the coding tat u write only for one column of the image or whole image?



Image of an exemple

Useful code try to use it,

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