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Bresenham optimized for Matlab

version (1.4 KB) by Aaron Wetzler
An implementation of the classic algorithm with code optimized for Matlab


Updated 15 Jul 2010

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This code does not use any for loops and takes advantage of Matlabs internally optimized routines to produce a fast, optimized version of Bresenham's line drawing algorithm

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Aaron Wetzler (2021). Bresenham optimized for Matlab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (16)

Milena Mori

Lucyanno Frota


Shuvo Sarker

Readability is not so good! But I appreciate your work. Thanks.

William Chamberlain

Missing a couple of terminating ';', but I don't care _because it works_ .

John Doe

Geoffrey Vincent

Excellent, especially because he will work with negative values!

Gerhard Keuck


I believe cumsum(q) is equivalent to round(0:(dy/dx):dy), anyway, I posted some code at: that uses same logic but is about 20% faster.

Sushant Kulkarni


Jordi Palacin


What does this equation mean?


Very efficient, and well made. Code comments messy, and lines not terminated with ;.


Christian Wengert

compact and elegant implementation

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Created with R14
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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