Earth-sized Sphere with Topography

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variation on the SPHERE command to facilitate plotting of orbital trajectories


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Do you plot Earth-orbiting trajectories? Would you like to know how your orbit compares to the size of the Earth? If so, EARTH_SPHERE will help get you there.
This function is a modification of the built-in MATLAB command SPHERE. Rather than producing a sphere with a radius of 1, the radius of the sphere will equal that of the Earth. The user may specify the units they want to plot in: meters, kilometers, feet, miles, nautical miles, or astronomical units. EARTH_SPHERE will also display the Earth's topography in Earth-Centered-Earth-Fixed coordinates.

produces an earth-sized sphere in nautical miles

produces 10 point mesh of the Earth in astronomical units

h1 = gca;
hold on
produces the Earth in miles on axis h1 and plots a trajectory from variables x, y, and z

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