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PID Controller Design for a DC Motor

version (21.9 KB) by Arkadiy Turevskiy
This file shows PID Controller tuning in MATLAB and Simullink for DC Motor control.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This is the demo file for video demo:
and "Seth on Simulink" blog post "PID Control Made Easy":

The demo shows the PID Controller block in Simulink and PID Tuner in Simulink Control Design:

PID Controller is used to control a simple DC Motor modeled in Simulink.

To see how to tune the PID Controller, please see the video demo and/or read the blog post.

You can also visit the web page with resources for designing and tuning PID controllers:

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Thank you very much

Guimin Long

Hello i am new to simulink. i am trying to run the program. but, it shows me the error dcmotor.jpg doesnt exist..Please help

Yannis W

Zhe Wen

Could someone please provide one-group parameters of DC motor (damping,Inertia,back EMF,Resistance and inductance) for me ????

Jerry Paul

What changes we have to make if we have to control position instead of speed?
How to set the desired angle instead of speed?


Hello, i am trying to use this Model in order to design the gains for my DC motor.Could you please let me kow the units for the parameter Damping ,Inertia,Back EMF, Resistance and Inductance ?

thank you

Mosen shk

I have a question, in this file, the input to PID is speed error and output is called voltage then input to DC motor. is that correct. What I understand from PID concept is we input error of a process variable and get the manipulated error back to be fed to plant transfer function. Am I correct?

hl yan

umar hayyat

i want to control speed of dc motor using buck-boost convertor with pid , how i will convertor outputof pid into duty cycle


Anyone having problems with DC Motor not displaying correctly:

from workplace write: image(imread('dcmotor.jpg'))

Then reload simulink model


Hi Sir. I am really happy to find a simulation,that run easily in my computer. but,Is that any article for it?? Can you tell me the link of that article? or the complete name of that?? thank you sir.


This seems like a great model, I'm getting an error about the jpg trying to run it though (and I'm new to Simulink). Any help would be appreciated.





wei liang

very good


by the way, my email is hubs dot filho at google mail

Jan Vidar


Updated license

Updated the broken links

Added the link to the PID summary page:

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