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Coding Utilities

version (11.6 KB) by Joe Henning
Generation of code sequences and related utilities


Updated 27 Jun 2019

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This zip file contains nine functions related to the generation and use of code sequences. The functions are:

1) corr.m calculates estimates of the periodic and aperiodic cross-correlation function.
2) gold.m generates binary Gold code and orthogonal Gold code sequences.
3) goldlike.m generates Gold-like or Dual-BCH sequences.
4) karnaugh_inputs.m generates Boolean inputs for a Karnaugh map.
5) kasami.m generates the small set of Kasami codes.
6) lkasami.m generates the large set of Kasami codes.
7) osvf.m generates orthogonal variable spreading factor (OSVF) codes.
8) pnseq.m generates a pseudonoise (PN) sequence from a binary linear feedback shift register.
9) walshhad.m generates binary Walsh and Hadamard code sequences.
10) weil.m generates Weil code sequences.
11) kerdock.m generates binary Kerdock code sequences.

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Hi Joe,

Great utilities. One question, for the corr.m file, I'm having some trouble on the parseinput function, I believe is while defining the "varagin", could you help me with this please.


spacing for parsing

updated comments

Updated file description

11) kerdock.m generates binary Kerdock code sequences.

10) weil.m generates Weil code sequences.

1) Added cross-correlation values to kasami.m
2) Simplified lkasami.m

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