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NMEA 0183 Sentence Reader

version (2.54 KB) by Adam Leadbetter
Reads a NMEA 0183 sentence into a Matlab structure.


Updated 15 Mar 2010

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Reads a NMEA 0183 (National Marine Electronics Association) sentence (or string) into a Matlab structure.

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Adam Leadbetter (2021). NMEA 0183 Sentence Reader (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Charlie Hogg

Thanks, very helpful.

I was wondering if this has been superseded by now and what the best tool is to read NMEA data. Particularly, I have about 1 GB of NMEA strings to read, so I need something quite fast.

I also had some crashes with this script when the NMEA strings weren't detected. The oderfields command crashed when given a Nan. I added this to the end of the code, which seemed to fix the problem for me.

if exist('data.ierr')%,'class')%~=-2
data = orderfields(data);


Hi, is it possible to get this .m file to read an text file containing gga,gst,vtg,zda ?

Kevin J. Delaney

Nicely done! Just what I needed.

Adam Leadbetter

Hi Febri,

Sorry for a slow reply

As per the help file:

The input is a Matlab string, as output by an NMEA instrument.
Currently I have implemented $GPGGA, $GPVTG, $GPZDA and $SDDBS stings.

You will get back a structure with different values (as described in the help file), and can return an error code for code diagnostics.

Any more questions, fell free to ask,


Febri Iswanto

Hi Adam,

I want to use your code to read NMEA sentence into matlab structure.
Could you explain how to use it, especially the input & the output data format?

Thanks before.



That's "NMEA 0183", not "NMEA 1803"

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