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version (2.4 KB) by Jesse Hopkins
Convenient way to open windows explorer.


Updated 06 Nov 2009

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% explore
% opens explorer window to current file open in matlab editor. (if
% no file is open, then the current explorer window at current directory
% will be explored
% explore(file)
% opens explorer window to directory containing "file". This input
% can be a full-file-path, m-function name, or model name.
% explore(dir)
% opens explorer window to specified direcotry "dir". This input can
% be a full-path, relative-path, or just the name of any directory
% on the matlab path. Will open the first folder on the matlab-path
% matching the specified name.
% NOTE: You may change the executable called by explore.m. The default is
% "explorer". To change, use
% explore SetExplorerCommand <command>
% For example, to use UltraExplorer:
% explore SetExplorerComand 'UltraExplorer /p'
% Note that the path containing UltraExplorer.exe must be included
% in your Windows path environment variable.
% This setting is stored as a persistent variable, and will not be
% remembered between Matlab sessions, so this line should reside in
% your startup.m file to permanently change your explorer preference.

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Jesse Hopkins (2020). Explore (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Good script. I've got a less functional script that opens the current editor file's directory using

eval(['!explorer /e,' fileparts(com.mathworks.mlservices.MLEditorServices.builtinGetActiveDocument.toCharArray')]);

Eric, the point of this script is so that you don't have to type a full path-name to the explorer command. For example, say you have a m-file called my_func.m in some location on your matlab path. If you want to open an explorer window, you can simply type 'explore my_func'. Otherwise you would have to type !explorer c:\path\to\my_func.


Or just use the built in explorer command in DOS along with the ! functionality. Try from the command line:

!explorer (Will open explorer window at top level of windows directory)

!explorer . (Will open explorer window in PWD)

!explorer c:/temp (Will open explorer window at specific address)

Does not seem to work in 2007R:

>> explore
??? No appropriate method or public field builtinGetActiveDocument for class com.mathworks.mlservices.MLEditorServices.

Error in ==> explore at 45
string = char(com.mathworks.mlservices.MLEditorServices.builtinGetActiveDocument);

Stead Kiger

See also "Explorer Toolbar Shortcut"


Fixed handling of double quotes. Now also allows for configurable executable to run (defaults to "explorer.exe"), useful if you are running a replacement for windows explorer.

updated description

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