Comparison of C++ and MATLAB Using OOP Example

Wireless Communications Application Example Used to Compare C++ and MATLAB® Code
Updated 31 May 2022

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This example calculates the bit error rate (BER) of a Bluetooth® or 802.11b communication link interfered with by another 802.11b or Bluetooth transmitter. It uses the new MATLAB® object oriented programming features released in R2008a.
The main function btint and accompanying classes have been translated from the C++ NIST Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b Coexistence Simulator. The original C++ code has been retained as comments in the MATLAB code to help with its understanding for those familiar with C++.
See Description.html for information on how to run it and ComparingCAndMATLAB.html to compare the two implementations.
Other useful resources for learning object orient programming in MATLAB include:
* Defining Classes Video Tutorial - 11 min ( )
* Comparison of C++ and MATLAB Using Object Oriented Application Example ( )
* MATLAB Classes and Object Oriented Programming Documentation ( )
For more information on MATLAB OOP, see product page:

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