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Neural Network Classifiers

version (236 KB) by Sebastien PARIS
Mex implementation of 3 majors neural networks classifiers.


Updated 29 Jan 2020

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Fast implementation of the GRLVQ, SRNG and H2MGLVQ algorithms, three supervised LVQ classifiers

Please run mexme_NN to recompile mex files on your own plateform (Be sure that you setup your matlab by "matlab -setup" at least one)

Please run test_NN.m to run demo

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Sebastien PARIS (2020). Neural Network Classifiers (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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speech recognition

Mr Smart

Sebastien PARIS

A update version will be posted soon with missing file


Bug fixed, fixed for modern Matlab & OS64

- Change inputs/output parsing
- Change demo file

-Minor changes

- Improve quicksort algorithm
- Add mexme_nn.m
- Add HTML files

-Update with a better quicksort algorithm
-Add mexme_NN for recompiling mex-files
-Add HTML documentation

-minors improvement

-Add missing files

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