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Updated 11 Mar 2024

MATLAB with Python Book

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Engineers and scientists that I meet every day think about MATLAB & Python as MATLAB vs Python.

The goal of this book is to prove to them that it is possible to think about it as MATLAB with Python.

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The content is open-source on GitHub yanndebray/matlab-with-python-book

Table of content

  1. Introduction

    1.1. A brief history of scientific computing

    1.2. About the author

    1.3. Open-source vs Commercial

    1.4. Who is this book for?

  2. End-to-end project with MATLAB & Python

    2.1. Call Python from MATLAB

    2.2. Call MATLAB from Python

    2.3. Generate a Python package from a set of MATLAB functions

  3. Set-up MATLAB and Python

    3.1. Install Python

    3.2. Install Anaconda or other Python distribution

    3.3. Manage your PATH

    3.4. Install additional Python packages

    3.5. Set up a Python virtual environment

    3.6. Set up a Python Development Environment

    3.7. Connect MATLAB to Python

    3.8. Install the MATLAB Engine for Python

  4. Call Python from MATLAB

    4.1. Execute Python statements and files in MATLAB

    4.2. Execute Python code in a MATLAB Live Task

    4.3. Basic syntax of calling Python functions from MATLAB

    4.4. Call Python User Defined Functions from MATLAB

    4.5. Call Python community packages from MATLAB

    4.6. Debug Python code called by MATLAB

    4.7. Mapping data between Python and MATLAB

  5. Call Python AI libraries from MATLAB

    5.1. Call Scikit-learn from MATLAB

    5.2. Call TensorFlow from MATLAB

    5.3. Import TensorFlow model into MATLAB

  6. Call MATLAB from Python

    6.1. Getting started with the MATLAB Engine API for Python

    6.2. Facilitate AI development by using MATLAB Apps

    6.3. Leverage the work from the MATLAB community

  7. Simulink with Python

    7.1. Bring Python code into Simulink as a library for co-execution

    7.2. Integrate TensorFlow and PyTorch models for both simulation and code generation

    7.3. Simulate a Simulink model directly from Python

    7.4. Export a Simulink model as a Python package for deployment

  8. Resources

    8.1. Getting Python packages on MATLAB Online

    8.2. Generate this book with Quarto and Pandoc

MATLAB® is a registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

Python® is a registered trademark of the Python Software Foundation.

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