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LZW Compression/Decompr​ession

version (5.25 KB) by Duncan Barclay
Updated LZW compressor and decompressor with reasonable performance


Updated 26 Jun 2007

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Building on the earlier norm2lzw and lzw2norm examples, these routines implement LZW compression/decompression.

The table management has been rewritten for performance - both time and space, and fixed table sizes are implemented.

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Bochuan Lee

Can the input bit be longer?such as 14bit?Thanks.

how can we implement a lempel ziv decoder on matlab ?



fekri saleh

Thanks, it’s really which what I search, but it took a long calculate delay, With the knowledge that I used the tic() tico() function for calculate execution delay… in your opinion, what’s the problem?!!!! Are there an anther method for calculate the real time (real calculate delay) of execute a code? ….

chen chen

Samira ek


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