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Particle System Toolbox

version (20 KB) by Joerg Buchholz
Graphically simulate the interactions of particles, springs, and attractions in a particle system.


Updated 04 Dec 2015

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Did you ever wonder, how they do the simulation of all that snow, rain, dust, smoke, and fire in modern computer games? How they model bullets, ropes, curtains and solar systems?
With this particle system toolbox you can easily create particles, attractions, and springs in a particle system environment with gravity and drag and graphically simulate their interactions with just a few lines of code. Run one of the 12 demos and read the detailed documentation at

Have fun ...

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Konrad Wit

Mario Ayala

@Johannes Korsawe: Right now, you can write your own


method and call


in the


method. I save your request on my "stack of things to do ...".

That is some nice piece of code.

Could be extended to application of external forces? (or is this possible by now?)

@Sangeeta Ydaav: Press the big blue button in the upper right corner of this page to download the Particle System Toolbox.

Sir I do not have matlab particle simulation toolbox Can you send me the required files so that I can install Particle simulation toolbox?

Great work! I suggest to improve it by allowing the particles to be fixed in a desired direction (x, y, z or arbitrary).

In addition, I ported this framework in C/C++, if someone is interested please let me know.

Andrew Bolt

thank you

@ Prashant Pawar: The Mathworks augmented the Matlab object model in R2008a. Therefore you have to use a version equal or higher than that for the PSTB 2.x. The error indicates that you use an older version of Matlab. I will send you a 1.0 version of the PSTB that sholud work with your Matlab via e-mail .

I am getting following error

??? Error: File: particle_system.m Line: 1 Column: 10
A class definition must be in an "@" directory.

Error in ==> demo_1 at 23
Particle_System = particle_system

Can you plz help me about avoiding the error.

Namhee Kim

Joerg Buchholz

It is a very long story, why I had to do that ...

The password is: dummy

Shawn Harrison

So, what is the password to read the pdf documentation??

Seems silly to password protect the documentation.

Joerg Buchholz

John, seems like I'm a little antediluvian regarding file size. I just can't get rid of that feeling that there are still some 56k-modem users out there in Matlab Country, hating to download "large" files for just a sneak preview... ;-)

John D'Errico

Complex, but absolutely splendid!

My only thought was a minor one. I'd have liked to see the pdf documentation already be included in the zip file itself. It is something that any user will want to read and keep around, so why make the user download it separately, then move it into the particles directory to keep it around?


Due to a change in the axis command, the order of "axis equal" and "axis ([-limits limits -limits limits -limits limits])" had to be turned around.

Particles, springs, and attractions now have their own update_graphics_position method. New demo "Three-Body Eight".

All objects in the version 2.0 of this toolbox are derived from the handle class, significantly increasing the ease of aggregation and administration of particles, springs, and attractions in the particle system.

Just a few minor debugs...

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