Plot Sankey Flow Chart with Python Sankey

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Creates a Sankey Flow Chart by using Python Sankey (Plotly) (
Updated 7 Jun 2022

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The following examples show how you can use the Matlab Python Interface to draw the Sankey examples from Python Sankey The Matlab examples create a Excel file with two sheets. One with information of nodes and one with information of links and values between the nodes.The Python program reads these sheets and plot and saves the chart as a html-file. It is quite interactive in the python viewer, and by hovering the mouse over nodes one can view the incoming and outgoing values. By clicking and moving the mouse, one can move the nodes. With the button "Home" on the top right one can reset the chart.
For Python you need to install Python, I did it with Version 3.9.10 from page and install it with path information, so Matlab can find it. Further you need to install the Python Library "plotly" with the command "pip install plotly". It is tested on Windows.
Here are pictures of the three examples:

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Th. D. Ka. (2022). Plot Sankey Flow Chart with Python Sankey (<...>), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved January 27, 2022.

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