Problem 43677. String Array Basics, Part 1: Convert Cell Array to String Array; No Missing Values

String array and cell array are two types of containers for storing pieces of data. In this problem, you will be given a cell array of character vectors. Your job is to convert the cell array to a string array, which stores the same pieces of text data.

To begin with, let's assume that there are no missing type values in the input cell array.


>> x = {'I','Love','MATLAB'}
x =
  1×3 cell array
    'I'    'Love'    'MATLAB'
>> y = strings(size(x));
>> [y{:}] = x{:}
y = 
  1×3 string array
    "I"    "Love"    "MATLAB"

Note that the example shown above is not the best way to solve this problem. Try other approaches in order to achieve a leading score.

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