Problem 42721. Fun with a compass

Each night for the past week, you have been having the same nightmare: You find yourself back in your junior high school geometry class, armed with nothing but a compass and a straight edge. Your teacher gives you a number, and asks you if it is possible to construct a regular polygon with that many sides inside the unit circle using nothing but the compass and straight edge.

After waking up in a cold sweat again, you decide to write a MATLAB script to see if you can solve your nightmare. The dream is burned into your memory, so you remember all of the numbers that your teacher gave to you. Write a script that will allow you to solve this problem, and sleep peacefully once again.

Note - You don't actually have to construct the n-sided polygon. You just need to determine if it's possible to do so. You can assume that all of the numbers are integers greater than 2.

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