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Hassan on 12 Jun 2011
If we run the following code we will see that there is no space between 'is' and number '1'. I wonder how I can put a space in a text.
s=strcat('this is ',num2str(1),' my cat')

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 12 Jun 2011
s=['this is ' num2str(1) ' my cat']
strcat ignores trailing ASCII white space characters and omits all such characters from the output. White space characters in ASCII are space, newline, carriage return, tab, vertical tab, or form-feed characters, all of which return a true response from the MATLAB isspace function. Use the concatenation syntax [s1 s2 s3 ...] to preserve trailing spaces. strcat does not ignore inputs that are cell arrays of strings.
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Hassan on 12 Jun 2011
thanks Paula for the help.

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