Angular rates from quaternions

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Elie Hatem
Elie Hatem on 23 Jun 2021
Commented: Elie Hatem on 30 Jun 2021
I have a matrix containing quaternions in each row. And, each row represents a different time instant.
I would like to find the angular velocities along x, y and z ( ) using the quaternions.
I noticed that there is a function called angvel in matlab that should do it. However, I do not have this function in my matlab license.
Is there another way to find the angular velocities?
Thank you
Elie Hatem
Elie Hatem on 30 Jun 2021
Thank you for response, I managed to find the rates, however, I think the way I found qdot could not be ideal.
I have a roll angle that is changing with time, while the pitch and yaw remain at 0 degrees.
So, I found the quaternions by stacking all the angles at each time instant in their respective vectors and using the eul2quat function provided by matlab:
euler = [ phi' , theta , psi ];
quat = eul2quat(euler,'XYZ');
Then, I normalized the quaternion in each row of the obtained matrix:
%% extracting number of rows and columns from phi
[r, c] = size(phi');
%% normalizing quat
for i = 1:r
qi = quat(i);
qi_norm = sqrt(sum(qi)^2);
quat(i) = 1 / qi_norm * qi;
However, I am not sure about qdot. Since I do not actually have it's values, I calculated them from quat as follows:
% computing q_dot
q_dot = diff(quat) / t_step;
With t_step being the time step between each angle change.
Then, I calculated the rates as follows:
%% angular velocities
w = zeros(r-1,4);
for i=1:r-1
qi = quat(i,:);
q_dot_i = q_dot(i,:);
temp = 2 * quatmultiply(q_dot_i, quatinv(qi));
w(i,:) = temp;
% removing the unwanted column
w = w(:,2:end);
So, I think I got the rates, but I'm afraid at some point in the computation, they reach values that are around 40rad/s, and in my case this is huge. Do you think it could be caused by the way I computed qdot? If so, do you think there's a better way to find it?
Thank you

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