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Problem with Simscape Onramp task 9

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Juan Manuel Ruiz Martíez
Juan Manuel Ruiz Martíez on 30 Mar 2021
Commented: Joel Van Sickel on 22 Sep 2021
Hello, I can´t answer the last task, task 9, of the section 8.1 of the simscape onramp course, I do exactly what I´m requested to do but I always get it wrong, I´ve been for several hours trying it but I simply don´t understand what I´m getting wrong. I´ve looked for the answer on Youtube but literally nobady has upload it, at least I haven´t found anybody, does anybody knows how to obtain the answer or can anybody tell me where can I find the way to solve it?, thank you!

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 6 Apr 2021
Hello Juan,
can you provide insight into what is says is going wrong? There are 2 validation check marks that need to be passed for this one. Did you modify your PID controller to only be a PI controller (look for a drop down box). It can be solved.
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 22 Sep 2021
anyone on this thread, if you are still having issues, can you take a screen shot of what your scope output is? This will show if the model is running as expected. It should look something like this:
John, your issue is that there the connection between the inertia should not also be connected to the rotational reference. This is essentially locking the rotor in place.

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