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Reattaching Visual Studio debugger fails to detect mex file modules

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Jesse Hopkins
Jesse Hopkins on 25 Mar 2021
I am attempting to debug a Matlab "mex" file using Visual Studio.
I can attach Visual Studio to Matlab and set a breakpoint in my mex file source code just fine in the first go-around. When calling the mex file, visual studio stops at the breakpoint, and I note that the mex file is listed in the loaded modules:
However, if I de-attach visual studio, then re-attach, seems that visual studio no longer detects the loaded modules. See screenshot below, there are far fewer modules listed:
This is quite frustrating, as the only way I seem to be able to work around is to quit Matlab and re-start each time in need to re-attach the debugger (i.e. after tweaking code and rebuilding the mex file).
I used to do this all the time in the past (i.e. with VS 2010-2012 / Matlab R2012B-R2017B), but I'm stumped on this now using VS 2015 w/ Matlab R2019B.

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