How to connect my MathWorks accounts?

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Stjepan Mamusa
Stjepan Mamusa on 24 Mar 2021
Commented: Stjepan Mamusa on 26 Mar 2021
I have multiple account and see no way to connect them which is really frustrating.
My first account was created when I was on my bachelor's link here
The second account I created is this one from which I'm posting.
The third account was created a few minutes ago since I'm on my master degree now and I see no way to connect the accounts together. The issue is that there is no point in being a part of MATLAB community and to post from University accounts since we lose access to our mails after we finish the bachelor's degree so I'm locked out of my account (the first one linked)
If there is a way to link accounts together that would be a great feature and also to remove our old accounts (which we have no access to).
I want to delete one of my old accounts and link my academic licence to my private profile.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 24 Mar 2021
You'll need to contact customer support.
If your campus uses a campus wide license, then your mathworks account must use your institutional email address to access the license.
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Stjepan Mamusa
Stjepan Mamusa on 26 Mar 2021
Hi Cris,
I contacted support and explained my issue, hopefully they will manage to resolve everything during next week. Thank you for your input.

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