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Directivity function (polar pattern) of acoustic dipole in closed form?

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Davide Mori
Davide Mori on 23 Nov 2020
Commented: VBBV on 23 Nov 2020
Is there a closed form formula by which I can describe the polar pattern (directivity function) of an acoustic dipole source? Like a formula which depends on the angle theta? Thank you!

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 23 Nov 2020
Edited: VBBV on 23 Nov 2020
%if true
theta = 0:360
polar(sin(theta).^2*pi/180)% sin^2(theta)
VBBV on 23 Nov 2020
%if true
theta = 0:360
polar(theta,sin(theta).^2*pi/180)% sin^2(theta)
view([90 -90])
View function to change its orientation

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