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Finding a matrix to shift an image

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Michelle on 15 Nov 2020
Answered: Sourabh Kondapaka on 18 Nov 2020
How do i find a matrix that would shift an image horizontally by 240 pixels and how do i display it using a spy function?
Below is the code I have for turning the image into a matrix and I have also attached the image to this post
% Read the image
img1 = imread('mountain.jpg');
% Convert it to double
img1Double = im2double(img1);

Answers (1)

Sourabh Kondapaka
Sourabh Kondapaka on 18 Nov 2020
If you want to just shift the image horizontally, you can use the function imtranslate() as shown:
im1 = imread('mountain.jpg');
%Translate by 240 pixels on the X-axis
im1 = imtranslate(im1, [240 0]);
spy(S) plots the sparsity pattern of matrix S. Nonzero values are colored while zero values are white. The plot displays the number of nonzeros in the matrix.
To show spy() values you can check the following
im1 = imread('mountain.jpg');
im1Double = im2double(im1);
im1 = imtranslate(im1, [250 0]);

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