Saving .html file to .pdf after editing the .html file

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Asang singh
Asang singh on 18 Sep 2020
Commented: Prabhanjan Mentla on 25 Sep 2020
I have two .htnl file generated from the MATLAB test harness, I have merged both the files now I have to perfom the below two task on the merged .html file:
  1. I have to remove some contents from one of the .html file generated from test maanger.
  2. Finally, I have to convert the final edited and merged .html file to .pdf format.
Is there any way to address the above two points.
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Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla on 25 Sep 2020
Hi, Could you give more information on the details of removing some contents ? if possible please provide html file.

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