How to resolve empty inputdlg box issue?

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John Doe
John Doe on 12 Jul 2020
Answered: Star Strider on 12 Jul 2020
Hello everyone!
I have a inputdlg box. I want the inputdlg box to cancel the processing if the user pressed OK without giving any input in the inputdlg box. How can I do that?
I know how to cancel the processing if Cancel or the close button is pressed.
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 12 Jul 2020
Try this:
a = inputdlg('Type a number:')
if isempty(a{:})
disp('a is empty') % Information Only To Demonstrate That The Test Works
fprintf('a = %f\n', str2double(a))

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